Collective ed.

The Collective ed. initiative concluded at the end of 2021. This initiative gained great momentum over the five years of operation and the impact is evident throughout the six schools and communities we have worked with: Bayview, Jordan River, Central Coast, Meander Valley, George Town and Sorell.

There have been so many rich learnings, some great progress and some incredible relationships developed along the way. We thank all the Collective ed. staff, schools, business and community stakeholders that have been a part of the initiative including the Collective ed. funders – The Tasmanian Government and the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

The Beacon Foundation will continue to offer services in 2022 and beyond for young people in many Tasmanian communities for students in years 9-12 with the purpose of creating industry engagement and pathways to employment.

If you are interested in hearing more about Beacon’s future work or wish to explore partnering opportunities with Beacon in 2022 and beyond, please contact Kath McCann (

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