Our programs are just one way to reach, inspire and connect Australia’s future workforce. Advocacy is equally critical to ‘moving the dial’ for young Australians.

At Beacon Foundation we believe that young people have a right to equally access work, education and other meaningful pathways. Not every young person has the right type of education and the right level of education to get these opportunities. This needs to change.

Many challenges that young people face also need to see changes to the wider system that surround them. Barriers to education or employment have ‘root causes’ that are complex and persistent. Large scale social change also needs collective community effort – not just one off policies or programs.

You can see our advocacy in action below.

Beacon Foundation feedback on the NSW Curriculum Review (December 2018)

The NSW curriculum is being reviewed for the first time since 1989. The aim is to make sure the curriculum helps students to contribute to Australian society in the 21st Century.

Beacon Foundation recently gave feedback on the Curriculum Review through the community consultation phase. Our submission highlighted how business and industry collaboration is essential to building opportunities for young people. Our priority is to see a NSW curriculum that has the right systems in place that support industry partnerships – in a way that is more consistently prioritised and less adhoc.

Read our submission in full.

 30112018 Submission from Beacon Foundation (NSW Curriculum Review)

Beacon Foundation submission to Senate Inquiry into the redesign of JobActive (September 2018)

Beacon Foundation recently gave feedback to Senate Education and Employment Committees on our understanding of joblessness on young Australians. In our submission we highlighted the complexity of youth unemployment and the value of bringing schools and industry together.

We have recommended that the Federal Government take collaborative, place based approaches that addresses challenges of joblessness for young Australians.

Beacon Foundation Submission – The appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives design implementation and evaluation of jobactive 20092018

Child and Youth Wellbeing Outcomes Framework (August 2018)

One of the fundamental rights of our young Tasmanian’s is the opportunity to participate fully in the community – through education or employment. For Beacon Foundation, measuring how we move towards this goal is important.

Submission – 2018 Child and Wellbeing Strategy 6.08.2018 (1)