What if every day was “take your dog to work” day? Our next Industry Live explores careers working with animals and outdoors.

What if every day was “take your dog to work” day?  It’s possible. In our next Industry Live we’re exploring careers where you get to work with animals as well as jobs outdoors.  Join us on October 15 2020 1 pm – 2 pm AEDT where you’ll meet:

Nicole and Zorro – Dog handler and detector dog
Nicole is an author, researcher, field ecologist and detection dog handler, working with her dog, Zorro (pictured at the top), to identify Tasmanian masked owl habitat. Nicole will share with us what it’s like to work side by side with her dog out in the field and the opportunities, challenges and pathways associated with working with animals. Zorro is a border-collie/springer spaniel who’s been in training to find Tasmanian masked owl pellets since he was nine weeks old. Learn more about Zorro in this ABC article.

Virginia – Marine mammal scientist
Virginia undertakes research and provides scientific advice to conserve whales, focusing on the movement of whales by analysing data transmitted by satellite tags. She is the only person to have ever attached a satellite tag to an Antarctic blue whale. Working for the Australian Antarctic Division, Virginia has also spent a lot of time at sea and on land studying Antarctic flying birds and penguins. She specialises in remote field work and will share with us what it’s like observing these amazing creatures and working away from home for much of the time.

Matt and Clancy – Beekeepers
Matt and Clancy are father and son beekeepers. They’ll share with us what they love about working with bees and being out on the road and in the great outdoors, as well as why they think it’s a great industry for young people to get into. You’ll hear from them what you need to get your first hive registered and up and running, as well as some amazing facts you never knew about bees.

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