An engaging communicator and perceptive facilitator, Tess works intuitively to connect with students of all ages and diversity. Her facilitation style is firm yet kind, and injected with passion, humor, warmth and energy as she challenges students to take ownership of their learning. Tess’s background lies in journalism and acting – she has worked on Network TEN’s Totally Wild and trained at 16th Street Actors Studio.

An experienced Facilitator having worked for Beacon Foundation in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, Tess firmly believes Beacon Foundation’s programs have a powerful, life-giving ability to change the course of a student’s life. She loves seeing people flourish and barriers broken down between different social groups, cultures, genders and classes. In addition to being fiercely passionate about equipping every young person with the knowledge and skills to live well, Tess is beyond thankful that she gets to enable students to realize and claim their worth, potential and access to opportunities.

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