North West business leaders a Beacon to Burnie High students

Beacon is working with local North-West businesses to inspire students and create a job-ready generation of Tasmanians.

Beacon CEO, Scott Harris, said representatives from advanced manufacturing, agriculture, education and mining businesses were spending today helping Burnie High School students get excited about finding a job they love in some of the State’s fastest growing sectors.

“There are so many opportunities out there for young Tasmanians, especially in manufacturing, education, agriculture and mining,” Mr Harris said.

“The real challenge is bringing together students, schools, businesses and the local community to work together to make valuable connections, and that’s what today is all about.

“Today students will be able to talk to representatives from Elphinstone, Saputo Dairy, Jensens Quality Metalworks, UTAS and the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council.

“Today’s session combines Beacon’s professional facilitators with the experience of our volunteer industry mentors to helps young people understand what jobs are out there in their community and how to find a job they enjoy and a career they will love.

“Events like today’s help to raise awareness of career opportunities, build aspiration and motivation in the students and delivers vital professional development.

“There are literally thousands of job opportunities in Tasmania at the moment and our challenge is to work with groups like the Year 9 students from Burnie High today to help them find their path and find a career that’s really going to motivate them and get them excited about the future.

“Beacon is serious about creating a job-ready generation and this is a great way of helping to achieve that.

“We’d like to thank Burnie High, Minister Roger Jaensch and also the students as well as all of our volunteer industry mentors for making important programs like these happen.”

Mr Harris said if other businesses would like to get involved they can reach out to Beacon at


  • Beacon Chief Operating Office, Kathryn McCann with Burnie High School Students Isabel and Tannar.
  • Minister for Education, Roger Jaensch with Isabel and Tannar.