Mentoring programs highlighted in report to Government

The importance of labour market programs for young people, including mentoring programs, has been included in one of the recommendations to government in a new Senate Committee report.

The Senate Standing Committee on Education and Employment handed down its final report on the effectiveness of the Jobactive system. The Government describes Jobactive as “the Australian Government’s way to get more Australians into work. It connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by a network of jobactive providers in over 1700 locations across Australia.”

Beacon Foundation made a submission to the inquiry, largely around the need for a systems change approach to addressing joblessness – that young people need better support from government, industry, schools and the wider community to address the barriers they face to unemployment. In particular:

  • Making sure young people get the right kind of education so they have the skills needed to navigate the changing world of work,
  • Taking a proactive approach that addresses the links between education and employment, particularly addressing the lack of career education in our schools.

We also stated that there needs to be “better connection between classroom content and the workforce … so that young people can finish school with a pathway to further work or education and training.”

The report’s made 41 recommendations. Beacon Foundation is pleased to see these highlighted a number of our concerns.

“The committee recommends that the government consider appropriate ways to support providers that have developed expertise in labour market programs targeted towards young people, including mentoring programs.” Recommendation 7

Beacon Foundation Chief Executive Scott Harris says it’s good to see mentoring programs recognised as so important in supporting people in to work.

“Our mentoring programs – both face to face and online- are a hugely important part of our work. They can open up students’ eyes to a world of opportunity and stir motivation in them for their journey into meaningful work.”

The contracts of Jobactive providers are due to run out next year.