“I’ve seen kids give up because they don’t know how to get a job in different industries”

We sat down with Charlotte to hear why she decided to join Beacon’s inaugural Youth Advisory Committee. This is her story. 

“It was my teacher actually who told me about Beacon’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and suggested I should apply to join. It’s a new group with seven students from across Tasmania, coming together to advise Beacon Foundation directly on the ways they can best support us young people. 

Last year I participated in a Student Leadership Program facilitated by Collective ed. We worked through the theory of change for young people in George Town. I really enjoyed it! It also opened up my eyes to the opportunity of sharing my opinions and thoughts to help create change for others.

This is also why I want to be part of the Beacon’s YAC. I want to use my voice to be part of creating change, and benefit my community and other young people like myself. I want to help make peoples’ lives better so that they have something to look forward too. For example, in my community, hosting events have been really helpful as a way of connecting and simply having stuff to do and keep busy. This goes for both youth and adults.

I also think we need to do more for young people to help them get jobs. I want to become a hairdresser in the future and know how to do so because my aunt is one. Not everyone is in this situation. I’ve seen kids give up because they don’t know how to get a job in different industries. We learn about different industries but we need to also learn the practical skillsets and get an understanding of how to actually get those jobs. This is something I want to discuss at the YAC.

I know that myself, my three younger sisters and my peers, will all face challenges to secure future jobs due to the pandemic. It’s more important now than ever, that we as young people make sure our concerns and ideas are heard and are part of the solution. I will take any opportunity I can to be part of creating change and I challenge business, government and politicians to do the same”.

Charlotte Freeman, YAC member