Helping the next generation of employees dress for success

The Beacon Foundation is working to create a job-ready generation and today is helping young female students at Bayview Secondary College learn about preparing for job interviews and life in the workforce.

Beacon’s Chief Operating Officer, Kath McCann, said it was vital to help students prepare.

“We want students to get the best education possible and learn skills that will help them get the job they want, but there’s also an art to getting your foot in the door and that’s what we’re talking to the students at Bayview about today, while helping Dress for Success sort donated clothes,” Ms McCann said.

“We support Dress for Success because it’s a really powerful program that breaks down barriers that sometimes stop women from reaching their potential.

“Dress for Success makes sure women have the right clothes, support and know-how to ace their job interview.”

Dress for Success CEO, Amanda French, said that it was important to empower women and help them succeed.

“The message I want to share with the students from Bayview today is that women shouldn’t be held back simply because they don’t have access to the right clothes for an interview or a job,” Ms French said.

“Dress for Success helps with more than just clothing.  We also work with women to help give them the confidence to be their very best.

“Now is the perfect time to give the wardrobe a spring clean, give some of your work clothes a new lease on life and help other women in the community.

“The students from Bayview are helping us sort the clothes today and it’s a great opportunity to talk to them about finishing school or training and how to get the job they want.  It’s vital that we work together as a community and give  the next generation of employees the best possible chance to make the most of the opportunities in front of them.”

Ms French said more information about Dress for Success including where to donate clothes was available at –

Image – Dress for Success CEO, Amanda French with Beacon Foundation Chief Operating Office Kath McCann