Rio Tinto providing work exposure opportunities for Year 11 Students

On Wednesday 25 August eight Port Dalrymple Year 11 students were fortunate to visit Rio Tinto at Bell Bay for a tour to learn more about the aluminium smelter and the range of career options available. We are very grateful to Lou Clark, Principal Advisor Communities and Communication, for organising and facilitating the visit and to the Rio Tinto staff who accompanied us on the site tour and shared information about the plant and the roles they undertake.  We were amazed to learn about the power supply needed to run the plant, the maintenance involved, that the smelter employs over 500 people and the wide range of careers and pathways available. Being able to tour the Casthouse, Cokeshed, Potline and Power Supply gave us a better understanding of the process and how extensive the site is.

The students represented Port Dalrymple well being engaged participants and active listeners. Coby mentioned that the insight he gained from an actual visit was very beneficial and he learnt so much about the process. Mattias commented that he was surprised by the level of automation used such as two autonomously guided vehicles (AGVs) and the smart technology, along the attention to sustainability and the environment. Mason was impressed by how much the staff care about their work, take pride in their roles and their willingness to share their expertise with their colleagues. The students noticed how our hosts were experts in their chosen fields and how they respected one another’s diverse skills and knowledge.

We look forward to continuing to work with Rio Tinto and have the opportunity for our students to learn more about career opportunities through shadowing Rio Tinto staff for a day. Our students said that it was great to be able to visit a well-known company and see what actually occurs beyond the gates; it really opened their eyes to the opportunities available.

Photo Credit – Many thanks to Rob Burnett Images and Bell Bay Aluminium