Career Chats

‘Workers’ from across Australia representing a wide range of industries and career paths are registered on eBeacon to be available for a scheduled ‘Career Chat’ with an educator.

Teachers can request a live ‘Career Chat’ to ask any questions they or their students or even parents may have at all regarding specific roles, career pathways, industry practices etc. By accessing experts, teachers can ensure their information is current, accurate and ‘real’!

Teachers may be seeking this information to inform their classroom delivery with real world relevance, or they may require clarification on details of specific industries or jobs, or perhaps answer a question posed by a student.

What do I have to do as a ‘Career Chat’ volunteer?

A time investment of approximately 20 minutes from volunteers will allow teachers and students to get a greater insight into your choice of career via a live informal online chat.  The ‘Career Chat’ is as simple as using the typed chat message similar to Skype or Lync messaging, a small investment of time that can easily be done without leaving your desk!

Teachers can access you through eBeacon’s ‘Career Chat’ register and together you can schedule a time to chat. Please click here to contact the eBeacon team and register your interest.