Beacon is working with some of Tasmania’s fastest growing industries to inspire students and create a job-ready generation of Tasmanians.

Beacon CEO, Scott Harris, said one of the fastest growing industries was renewable energy.

“The Growth Industry Preparation Program (or GrIPP) shows students what opportunities there are for them in five of the fastest growing industries in Tasmania and today we’ve got 16 students from Brooks High School and Prospect High School learning about the amazing range of different careers in the renewable energy sector,” Mr Harris said.

“Tasmania is going to become even more of a renewable energy powerhouse in coming years and it’s great to show students what a future career might look like for them.  It’s also really important to engage with businesses like Haywards, to encourage them to mentor young Tasmanians who will be their workforce of the future.

“Beacon is running GrIPP across industries like building and construction, tourism and hospitality, advanced manufacturing, aged and community service and food production industries.  The growth in these industries is incredible and if we can engage young Tasmanians now, we can help inspire them to take the next step and start a career that they love.

“The research shows that if students engage with industry, like they are today, at least four times during their schooling, they are 86 per cent more likely to engage in further education, training or employment once they leave school.  Not only that, with the GrIPP program they can see for themselves the career options available to them once they finish school.

“Today, students are engaging with Haywards to see some of the amazing opportunities in advanced manufacturing and engineering.  Once the students see the types of different projects Haywards is working on you can see them beginning to picture themselves working here, which is so important. Once the students start picturing themselves with a career or working in a particular industry, it encourages them to think about what they need to do next – what subjects they need to study, what courses they need to do and what skills they need to learn.

“Today’s engagement with Haywards has been made possible by a grant from the Energising Tasmania fund and we thank the Government for their ongoing support.”

Haywards’ General Manager, Steve Edmunds said it was important to help young Tasmanians see the diversity of career opportunities in Tasmania.

“Haywards is one of the biggest employers in the area,” Mr Edmunds said.

“We are working on cutting edge projects every day.  We are literally building Tasmania’s future and it’s important we share that with the next generation.

“It’s great when the students are as enthusiastic about the projects we’re working on as we are and I’ve got no doubt that many of the young people here today would make great members of the Haywards team.

“Marinus Link will unlock massive renewable energy projects in Tasmania and we will need the workforce to deliver on that.  GrIPP is one way that we can start to build the workforce of the future that we’re going to need.

“If we can show students what opportunities there are now, hopefully we can help put them on the path to a career in the sector in the future.”