Beacon helps students and Country Club get a GrIPP

Beacon is working with some of Tasmania’s fastest growing industries to inspire students and create a job-ready generation of Tasmanians.

Beacon CEO, Scott Harris, said the Growth Industry Preparation Program (or GrIPP) aimed to create a win-win situation.

“GrIPP shows students what opportunities there are for them in five of the fastest growing industries in Tasmania,” Mr Harris said.

“There are huge opportunities in building and construction, tourism and hospitality, advanced manufacturing, aged and community service and food production industries for young Tasmanians.

“The research shows that if students engage with industry, like they are today, at least four times during their schooling, they are 86 per cent more likely to engage in further education, training or employment once they leave school.  Not only that, with the GrIPP program they can see for themselves the career options available to them once they finish school.

“Today, students are engaging with the amazing staff at Country Club to understand just what they need to do to cut it in the tourism and hospitality sector.  With border restrictions easing in the lead up to Christmas, the sector will boom as visitors return to the State.  There are going to be hundreds of jobs available, and it will be a fantastic opportunity for students to carve out a really rewarding career.”

Country Club’s Food and Beverage Manager, Robyn McInerney, said it was important to help young Tasmanians see the fantastic career opportunities in tourism and hospitality.

“Country Club is one of the biggest employers in the area and we have a range of great career options,” Ms McInerney said.

“The visitor economy has a really bright future as borders start to re-open and people begin to travel again. Now is absolutely the time for students to be considering a career in tourism and hospitality.

“The GrIPP program is a great opportunity for Country Club to learn more about the next generation of employees and connect them with real job opportunities in a growing industry.

“I’m confident that many of the students visiting today would make fantastic employees and as a business we’re really grateful for the opportunity to help mentor them.

“If we can show students what opportunities there are now, hopefully we can help put them on the path to a career in the sectorin the future.”

Beacon Foundation offers a variety of GrIPP sessions around the State with a range of businesses.  In 2020, Beacon facilitated nearly 8,000 student engagements nationally with nearly 100 businesses to help connect students, schools, communities and industries.