Action Crew 7172 students featured in state wide campaign to raise funds for Beacon Foundation

Beacon Foundation are excited to announce we are one of three chosen charities in Aurora’s new Double The Plus Campaign. This means that every customer who signs up to use the aurora+ app up until May 23, 2021, gets to choose a charity that Aurora donates $30 to. Along with Beacon Foundation, the other charities include Speak Up Stay ChatTY and Cancer Council Tasmania.

The campaign will run across social media, TV and billboards. We had a great time filming our promotional video with Sorell School, the principal Jenny Cowling and Action Crew 7172.

Action Crew 7172 is a Collective ed. project which sees students explore how producing films can be used as a tool to communicate their ideas and encourage students to participate in education and the broader community. Action Crew 7172 work of the principle “Nothing about us without us.”

Students in Sorell Schools Pop Up Studio take the lead- performing every role in the crew- camera, sound, script, direction interviewing and editing, whilst building the essential skills of empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork.

This year, Action Crew will turn their newly discovered potential into reality, from video making to change making.  Action Crew is designing social change projects; such as tackling plastic pollution by encouraging the local community to sew their own boomerang bags, taking part in a global people’s art project, saying no to racism and flying the rainbow flag at Sorell School.


Lilly is the Sorell School student starring in the video along with the rest of Action Crew; Mack, Jessica, Hayden and Dean.


Watch the video:


To learn more about the aurora+ campaign. Visit their website.