Beacon’s Vision

“An Australia that understands, cares and is motivated to support young people successfully transition to further education or meaningful employment.”

A message from our CEO

Recently Beacon Foundation CEO Scott Harris was interviewed by Charles Badenach from Main Street Financial Solutions, Charles’ video captures the inspiring story behind ‘Beacon’.


About Us

The Beacon Foundation, established in 1988 in Tasmania, has grown to become a national not for profit organisation, operating in all Australian states and territories.

We believe every young person has the right to hope, a job, financial opportunity and the sense of personal success this provide them. Beacon focuses on disadvantaged communities and areas of high youth disengagement and unemployment, where the risk and the need are greatest. We work with schools, businesses and communities to help bring relevance to the curriculum, and inspire young people to think about careers and experience the workplace, long before they leave school. This helps school retention rates and teaches real-life skills, preparing them for the workplace.

Beacon delivered 978 activities across its suite of programs in 2017, inspiring 19 255 students to think about their futures. We supported 2 200 Teachers and school staff to deliver positive outcomes for their students and connected four thousand business volunteers to students and schools.

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Our Challenge

Disengagement in school increases as young people see little hope for the future and see no connection with the classroom content and real life. This in turn impacts youth unemployment rates as young people leave school with no clear pathway to employment, further education or training. At the same time, Australian – based industries with skills shortages are seeking work-ready young people – but employers are finding that today’s young people do not have the skills or workplace knowledge they need to enter the workforce.

These issues feature largely on the national agenda; the long term impact of the current situation not only puts these young people at risk of future inequality, but affects the future of Australia.

Our Solution

At the centre of our work, and the heart of Beacon, is the power of relationships. For young people to successfully transition into meaningful employment, they need to be connected with, and supported by, the whole community.

By actively supporting educators and business to work together to engage with young people while they are still at school, we can be part of the solution to youth unemployment. Our aimis to make education relevant, while creating a skilled, engaged and productive future workforce.

Our Approach

The Beacon Foundation takes a preventative approach to youth unemployment and the range of societal hardships that stem from it.
There is no ‘quick fix’, however, it is evident that Beacon’s proven 3 pillar approach provides long-term sustainable solutions.