High impact program for job-ready students hits Burnie

Beacon Foundation (Beacon) is working with local North-West businesses to inspire students and create a job-ready generation of Tasmanians.

Beacon CEO, Scott Harris, said representatives from building and construction, engineering and environmental consulting businesses were spending today working with Burnie High School students to get excited about finding a job they love in some of the State’s fastest growing sectors.

“There are so many career opportunities out there for young Tasmanians, and often all it needs is an introduction to a particular industry or business to set someone on a rewarding pathway.

“Today’s program is funded by Keystone Tasmania. We’re delighted to partner with Keystone Tasmania to help promote the breadth and diversity of roles within the building and construction sector and unlock opportunities for young Tasmanians to not only enter the workforce, but find fulfilling careers,” Mr Harris said.

“The program combines Beacon’s professional facilitators with the experience of our volunteer industry mentors to help the students understand what jobs are out there and how to find a job they enjoy and a career they will love.

“Today students will be able to talk to representatives from Beardwood Group, Trades Women Australia, Environmental Service and Design and Kiely Plumbing.

“Events like today’s help to raise awareness of career opportunities and build aspiration and motivation in the students.

“There are so many job opportunities in Tasmania now.  We want to ensure that our young people can understand these jobs and talk directly to people employed in those jobs to see if they are something that they would like to pursue.  Creating real connections to industry is what our young people are calling out for and programs like this one does just that.”

Keystone Tasmania CEO Dr Karin Mathison said, “With such a vast array of job opportunities and career paths for young Tasmanians, programs like this give students the opportunity to learn about the many careers available in the building and construction industry”.

“The program also aligns with the 2021 Building and Construction Industry Workforce Action Plan goal of increasing the number of ‘work ready’ people available to the industry.

Giving students access to industry representatives allows them to gain firsthand information about a career path of interest.

Keystone Tasmania, the building industry’s fund for training and workforce development, is proud to support Beacon’s program as a steppingstone for young Tasmanians considering a rewarding career in this industry.”

Mr Harris said, “We’d like to thank Keystone Tasmania, Burnie High School, the students as well as all of our volunteer industry mentors for making important programs like these happen.”

Any business that would like to get involved can reach out to Beacon at www.beaconfoundation.org.au